Center of Applied Economics Studies of the Atlantic

Centro de Estudos de Economia Aplicada do Atlântico

The Centre of Applied Economics Studies of the Atlantic (CEEAplA) was created in 2003. Its mission is to promote fundamental and applied scientific research, engaging projects in the areas of business and economics. CEEAplA in FCT's last evaluation was ranked as "Very Good".

"Dead or alive: The growing importance of shark diving in the Mid-Atlantic region"
Journal for Nature Conservation
Available online 25
Paulo Torres, Nuno Bolhão, Regina Tristão da Cunha, José António Cabral Vieira, Armindo dos Santos Rodrigues, 2017

"Touristic big-game fishing in Saint Michael Island (Azores) Evaluating anglers’ profiles, perceptions about the destination and business revenues"
Tourism Economics
First Published Jan
José Cabral Vieira and Marcos Carolino Antunes, 2017

"A CATREG Model of Destination Choice for Mature Island Destination"
Journal of Destination Marketing and Management
Available online 22
António Almeida, Brian Garrod, 2016

"Child and Household Deprivation: A Relationship Beyond Household Socio-demographic Characteristics"
Social Indicators Research
First Online: 16 Apr
Elena Bárcena-Martín, Maite Blázquez, Santiago Budría, Ana I. Moro-Egido, 2016

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